Earthwell Energy Management, Inc. is a full services energy company and licensed electrical contractor. We have been helping businesses save energy & money for over 17 years through energy efficiency & renewable energy. Earthwell is dedicated to reducing our customers’ energy costs through the implementation of energy conservation measures.

Earthwell's certified installers can size & install the right Emergency StandBy Generator System to meet all your critical needs.


    TVA’s Green Power Providers, for residential and small commercial customers, is designed for solar projects up to 50kW in size. Through innovation renewable energy programs like Green Power Providers, TVA and participating local power companies are putting TVA’s vision of low-cost and cleaner energy into action. Solar Systems pay for themselves with the TVA incentive […]

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  2. Earthwell Delivers 2.1 MW of Solar Energy to Fort Knox

    Fort Knox flips the switch on a 2.1 MW Solar PV Installation, taking a leadership position within U.S. Government Energy Efficiency initiatives.  The cost-neutral project will produce over 2.5 million kWh of renewable energy annually, offset 6-million pounds of CO2 per year, and has supported 421 jobs. Fort Knox activated its recently completed solar photovoltaic […]

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  3. Earthwell Energy Management Wins TVA Award for Energy Reduction

    Nashville, TN –  Earthwell Energy Management, Inc. was recognized last month at an awards ceremony in Nashville, TN, for its role in reducing electric demand in the Kentucky District of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA.) Earthwell was awarded first place in kWh reduction in the KY District by the TVA rebate program, Energy Right Solutions for […]

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