Energy Efficient Lighting – Turnkey

Reduce Utility Bills & Improve the Bottom Line:

Earthwell is your Turnkey Lighting Solution.

– Reduce energy consumption through lower wattage systems

– Reduce maintenance costs through longer lamp life and low replacement costs

– Improve light levels, color rendering and quality of light

– Capitalize on unoccupied time by using lighting controls and occupancy sensors

– Take advantage of utility rebates and other incentives to offset upfront cost

– Replace outdated lamps and ballasts To read more about the T12 Phase Out please click here 

New, energy efficient lighting can do more than just reduce your utility bills!

Upgraded lighting systems improve visibility and morale, leading to better task performance and increased productivity.


Improve Employee Comfort and Performance
Energy efficient lighting generates less heat and renders a more pleasant color. Your employees will be more productive (in the office and on the manufacturing floor) if their work environment is more comfortable.

Improve Sales

Better color rendition through lighting means that your merchandise will look more appealing.  Improved lighting will also make customers feel more comfortable. They may choose to spend more time in your store, which may lead to increased sales.